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Maron and her husband have been married for three years. Her husband is a gentle, kind person who always cares about his wife. There's only one thing Maron feels dissatisfied with: he often avoids the couple's lovemaking. Not being fucked for a long time made Maron's body feel extremely uncomfortable. Seeing that his wife often complained that her shoulders were stiff, the husband proactively booked a massage service at home for her. This masseuse seemed very skilled, Maron's body quickly felt better. But he also often "accidentally" touched Maron's breasts and pussy. At first, it was just a quick touch so she didn't pay attention, but gradually, he started to get bolder, giving his entire hand to massage and touch her pussy. Although her mouth continuously refused, because it had been a long time since her husband had fucked her, plus the massage also stimulated Maron's long-accumulated sexual desire, the orgasms kept coming, making her unable to bear it any longer. again! Even though she knows she is very sorry to her husband, now she just wants to enjoy the joy of sex, a feeling that her husband who loves her so much cannot give her!

DASD-945 The husband witnessed his wife having sex with the masseuse
 Movie Code: DASD-945 
 Actor: Maron Natsuki