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MIDE-007 Today, I Was Raped By Your Boss. Not Long Time. One of Miku Ohashi's best movies was produced on September 1, 2013. I don't understand why she is so beautiful and charming. The content of this series is also quite good. The movie is about a weak husband, his wife and his boss. It started after a drunken party when he had to ask his boss to take him home, and this was also the first time the boss met his wife and was fascinated by her beauty. And then let's watch what he will do next when his desire increases. Updated October 9, 2018 to fix broken link

MIDE-007  [MIDE-007] Extremely beautiful wife with a charming gift from employee Miku Ohashi
 Movie Code: MIDE-007  
 Actor: Miku Ohashi